Underground Services

Genseed Underground Services has been specialising in the trenchless installation of underground pipe ducts and cables for over twenty five years.

We are able to offer a variety of trenchless technology based solutions including directional drilling, impact moling, pipe ramming and guided auger boring.

We install pipes from 15mm to 1500mm diameter and in continuous lengths up to 200m.

Whether it’s a new water or gas service to your house, a road, motorway or rail track crossing Genseed Underground Services has the solution.

We are able to offer a variety of trenchless solutions including those listed below:

Directional Drilling

For the installation of pipes and ducts (usually made of polyethylene). As the name suggests, it is possible to steer the bore underground.

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Auger Boring in Harlow, Essex

Guided Auger Boring

For the installation of either clay jacking pipes or steel tube where a high degree of accuracy is required or access is limited .

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Launching Thrust Bore Mole

Impact Moling

For the installation of services of 15mm to 150mm diameter and up to 20m in length.

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Pipe Ramming Hexham

Pipe Ramming

For the installation of steel tubes which may be used either as a duct for another service or as the carrier pipe itself.

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Some of Our Clients

We provide expert underground drilling services to our clients, big and small, across the UK.