Guided Auger Boring in Harlow, Essex

How It Works

  • The Guided Auger Boring machine is positioned between thrust walls in the launch pit and the line and grade is set.
  • Pilot rods are pushed through the ground and kept on course via a steering head, which is monitored by a theodolite camera.
  • When the steering head reaches the reception pit the pilot rods are used to keep the auger flights on course.
  • Finally, clay jacking pipes are pushed through the bore.

Guided Auger Boring Overview

For the installation of either clay jacking pipes or steel tube where a high degree of accuracy is required or access is limited, typically used for gravity fall sewers but may be used for any service crossing.

Also known as Auger Drilling or Auger Drill


  • A typical application would be for the trenchless installation of a new sewer
  • Where digging a trench is not practical or allowed.


  • Pipes from 150mm to 750mm diameter
  • Up to 70m in length
  • With an accuracy better than +/- 20mm.

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