Pipe Ramming Hexham

Pipe Ramming Overview

For the installation of steel tubes which may be used either as a duct for another service or as the carrier pipe itself.

Pipe Ramming Applications

  • Where overground tracking could be difficult (e.g. railways, runways)
  • Where invert levels are shallow and other methods may result in ground heave
  • When gradients or falls are critical
  • When unstable ground conditions exist


  • Tubes from 100mm to 1500mm diameter
  • Lengths up to 70m can be installed

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Pipe Rammers

We own and operate Pipe Rammers manufactured by Tracto-Technik which have given us many years of uninterrupted service. The excellent customer service we have received from Tracto-Technik-UK (TT-UK) over the last 30 years has been second to none.