Harlow Clock Tower Roundabout

As project Manager for the above scheme i was tasked with providing an engineered solution for the diversion of eight way BT ducts. The duct routes had to cross the roundabout at two locations, as this road is an arterial route into and around Harlow we were not allowed to close it or disrupt traffic flows.

Having previously employed Genseed Underground Services Limited to install storm water outfall pipes under railway tracks and into the river Orwell by Guided Auger Boring i contacted them to see if there was a Trenchless Solution to this problem.

After visiting site Genseed offered two different trenchless techniques individually tailored to each of the locations.

Due to the constant heavy traffic at the first crossing point they suggested installing steel tubes by pipe ramming, these tubes would then act as conduits to pass the BT ducts through. By using this technique the crossing could be achieved with zero interruption to traffic flow.

At the second location traffic volume was slightly lower and as there was a pedestrian crossing at the point where the ducts were to cross Genseed suggested that directional drilling could be used, the drilling head could be located when traffic stopped for the pedestrians.

I instructed Genseed Underground Services Limited to undertake the work which they did so with the efficiency and attention to detail that i experienced on previous contracts, i have been delighted with the input Genseed made to this project and will be engaging them again where trenchless crossings are required.

- A.Wargent, Project Manager, Jackson Civil Engineering

Wintry Park, Epping

From everyone here at Landmark Construction Services Ltd, I would like to commend you and your staff for your attitude and professionalism. This site has not been an easy or straightforward site to work on, however the attitude that your staff have bought to the site has allowed us all to carry out our work effectively, in a timely manner while still meeting the high quality demands that are expected of anyone in the construction industry.

We are extremely grateful for the effort which you have made with this site and with us, and in our opinion we believe that you have done a great job ‘all round’. Due to this we will be recommending your company for other projects when we can.

Thank you again for every effort made, the up most professionalism and positive attitude.

- Barry Palmer, Managing Director, Landmark Construction Services Ltd

Mascals Lane Culvert

We write to thank you for your involvement in the recent project to replace the collapsed culvert at Mascals Lane.

We were very impressed by the professional manner in which the works were carried out. The 62 metre pipe ram was accomplished within the agreed time frame and provided us with the correct fall to within 1% of the desired level.

We will be happy to use your expertise on future similar projects

- Nick Lettington, Construction Engineering, Jackson Rail

A14 Trunk Road

Genseed Underground Services were employed as a directional drilling subcontractor on the 79 night A14 Street Lighting Rental Contract.

Their works, which included both main carriageway and slip road crossings, was executed without difficulty. For both site operations and technical advice we have received a good service from Genseed.

We have found their staff to be diligent in the execution of their duties and would recommend them for similar work.

- P. Haxell, Site Agent, Fitzpatrick Contractors Limited

Haroldwood directional drilling Platform 1

I am the Project Manager for Lorclon on our Crossrail Anglia project where we have undertaken a considerable amount of works for Costain on a number of station between Stratford and Shenfield.

As part of our works we have installed allot of ducting (approx.. 3500m) on platforms across 6 stations.

At one of these stations we encountered a problem where we had to install a 2-way ducting 2.0m below ground along platform 1 at Harodlwood station. This in general would not be a problem but in this occasion we to go below an old building and try to avoid existing services, piles, mass concrete foundations and existing trees.

All of this work had to be done during possessions and isolation of the railway.

We contacted John Marshall of Genseed and he offered us a solution of directional drilling where we would be able to avoid all of the above obstructions. John and his team carried out the works over a Christmas possession 2016. The work was complete on time, efficient and was a cost effective solution to an otherwise un-constructable design.

As with most jobs and in particular with rail works various issues were encountered through third party works but John and his team worked with us and gave solutions on how to stay on programme.

All in all it was a well planned and executed piece of work that we are very pleased to have worked with Genseed on.

- Paul Trehy, Project Manager, Lorclon Ltd.